What is “Central Intelligence”?

Central Intelligence: a club where you can receive tutoring from your peers or tutor your peers.  If you are struggling in a subject, you can avoid the potentially intimidating nature of extra help by connecting with a student proficient in the subject area.  The help is FREE (!) and beneficial for both parties. While being tutored, you are benefiting from increased knowledge in the topic at hand and are in a better position to receive higher grades in class. While tutoring, you are further increasing your confidence in the subject, as it is scientifically proven that one of the best ways to strengthen your knowledge in a subject is to teach it. If you are interested in joining this club at any time throughout the year, please fill out this form, https://goo.gl/forms/V7IXUtG2kpo9euEj2. Contact Felipe Koerich or Michael Rainey (both Class of 2017), and they will be sure to get in touch with you as soon as the form is received.