What it Feels Like to Win a State Championship


Winning the state game for soccer last year was one of the most rewarding times in my life and it didn’t come easy. That was something I had been told going into playoffs and sure enough was proven through all the running and practices it took to make it to that game. It was a hard fought game, and the adrenaline rush as the ref blew the whistle after 80 minutes assured me that we’d finally made it to the top. At no point along the way were we able to take for granted or could be sure that we would be in the state game or even state champs but in the end we had made it.

The journey there took a mental and physical commitment for almost 4 months. One of the hardest things was going to sleep and knowing that in the morning at 9 am I’d be running 20 100 yard sprints. This sort of running was awful in the moment but always paid off when we were better conditioned than any of the teams we played. This year we are optimistic going into playoffs because of last year’s title but we cannot take success for granted. We know we still have to work hard in every game and this year’s playoffs will definitely put us up to the test.