Hallway Review Spirit Week 2018

Last week, each Newman Upper School class decorated their assigned hallway in celebration of Spirit Week. This year, the theme for the hallways were types of parties.

The freshmen were assigned the theme “Neon Party”, a rather difficult theme that they pulled off well. Lemle 2nd floor was covered in black wall paper splattered with neon paint. Brightly covered balloons were scattered around with bright tape designs covering the floors. Streamers hung from the ceiling and to top it all off the lights were dim and a black light was placed to further brighten the neon colors.

The sophomores chose the theme “County Fair” for their hallway. Upon walking in, you would encounter the yellow balloons strung together to give the appearance of popcorn. In addition, there were many elements one would see at a county fair such as ring toss, a petting zoo, popcorn and cotton candy machines, a Ferris wheel, and dart toss.

The juniors chose the theme “Kid’s Birthday Party” for their new space (see Margot Roussel’s take on the juniors’ new hallway here: (https://greenienews.com/3874/opinion/the-juniors-new-hallway/ ) outside Henson Auditorium. Above the entrance, balloons were strung together in such a manner to make an entrance. The class of 2020’s childhood pictures were on the wall to show guests how they looked as children. Most notably, there was a large bouncy house in the room, which gave a nostalgic feeling to all those who had the chance to visit. There were cakes and birthday decorations all around to give the illusion one was at a kid’s birthday party.

The seniors chose the theme “luau” for their space, the senior patio. Many features added to the elaborateness, such as the hand-made volcano and the kiddie pool. There was also beautiful signs and artwork to add to the atmosphere. They served virgin pina coladas and to bring it all together, they dressed in Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts.

In my opinion, the best hallway was between the juniors and seniors. While the juniors had many impressive elements, the seniors made many hand-made items which showed their teamwork. Either way, both were remarkable and show how grades are able to come together for a larger goal. Congratulations to the juniors for winning the spirit stick.