Preparations for the Midterm Elections


In preparation for the upcoming midterm elections, the young democrats and young republicans presented at an assembly and held a lunch time discussion meeting to inform students about the state-specific ballot. The assembly focused on the House of Representatives candidates from Districts 1 and 2, like Tammy Savoie, Steve Scalise, and Cedric Richmond. By only focusing on their past achievements and platforms, a non-partisan summary of the candidates helped to inform students of all political views.

Most of the assembly was devoted to the amendments to the Louisiana state constitution because they’re so often overlooked on the ballot. Amendment 2 had received the most local publicity and public support; if passed, it would render court incapable of convicting a felon without a unanimous jury.  Currently, the state only requires 10 out of 12 jurors to convict someone, and it is a relic of Jim Crow Era laws that aimed to make imprisoning black people easier.  Other amendments would implement restrictions on convicted felons time before serving in political offices; allow different government entities and sectors to share resources; prevent the police department from tapping into the state’s Transportation budget; exempt disabled veterans and the elderly from certain property taxes; alleviate the pressures of fast rising property taxes by applying them gradually; and legalize daily gambling on fantasy sports.

The clubs’ lunch time discussion was jam-packed with information. Students could ask questions to leaders of the Young Democrats and Young Republican leaders individually, and it was interesting to hear many similar and opposing opinions. They discussed why people may vote against unanimous juries, and why most of the club leaders agreed Amendment 2 should be added to the State Constitution. Excitement buzzed among first time voters, but there was frustration among students whose 18th birthday just missed the election.

The election activities culminated with an Election Night Watch Party at Garrett McNamara’s house. The club members watched the news and ate together as results rolled in. Everyone is excited to hear about the final election results and reflections in the upcoming week.