Should We Really Be Keeping Up With The Kardashians?


Whether you love them or hate them, you just can’t get enough of them: The Kardashians. What once started out as a reality TV show jumped from our television screens and into the daily news cycle within the span of a few years. Just searching the word “Kardashian” gives you hundreds of news stories from within the past week. But what exactly is it about this family that got America wrapped around their perfectly-manicured fingers?

It did not take long for the Kardashian/Jenner family to spread all across the media, and into the conversation of our everyday lives. Once living in obscurity, they are now referred to as “America’s Second Family.” The coverage of the Kardashians has sparked lots of outrage and irritation into the hearts of many Americans, who feel as if the media has been corrupted by the spoiled family’s twisted drama. In case you weren’t completely caught up on all this drama, here’s a little bit of it just for starters: Rob Kardashian, engaged to Blac Chyna, is the half-brother of Kylie Jenner, who is currently dating Tyga. Tyga and Blac Chyna are the parents of Cairo, and Blac and Rob are expecting a child, meaning that if Tyga and Kylie seal the deal, then Tyga will be the uncle of his own son. Whew. And that’s just not even close to the drama that this family is constantly dragging themselves into. But we’ll get more into that later.

Even though the word “Kardashian” can provoke an instant reflex of disgust for most, they aren’t completely awful. And, I must admit, they are pretty fun to read and watch about. It’s kinda cool to think about how a bunch of sister entrepreneurs were able to gain so much influence, and how they set some really good examples on self-confidence and appreciation. They also are not afraid to speak their minds and call out the media and individuals when they have overstepped the lines. Most famously, of course, is the Taylor Swift incident from this summer that sparked a whole lot of controversy. When Taylor Swift tried to call out Kayne, the loving husband of Kim Kardashian, on his controversial lyrics in “Famous,” Kim decided to beat Taylor at her own game. She released multiple videos that totally shut down Taylor, which not only proves how ~savage~ the Kardashians are, but also shows how much they value family. Props to you, Kim.

On the other hand, there are lots of things about the Kardashians that are a bit too much—after all, at a certain point, coverage on a certain topic is bound to get boring. While the Kardashians claim to be all about the whole “love yourself” theme, some argue that they are hypocritical in the sense that they focus solely on physical appearance. 80% of the time in the news, you’re hearing about their latest outfits, nude photoshoots, or plastic surgeries that a Kardashian has engaged in. Another quite obvious reason to be annoyed with them is the fact that they have no real talent… I mean, they basically get money handed to them by doing things that most of us do in our day to day lives. And, if you really want to try and dig deeper beyond the surface  of the fact that they have no talent, you would not find anything except a selfish, spoiled family that has no idea what to do with their lives except make us feel like we don’t have one. In retrospect, they are the junk food of television, feeding us empty calories that leave most viewers lightheaded and irritated.

In conclusion, it’s really easy to say you either love or hate the Kardashians. But it does not look like they’re slowing down any time soon, for they just renewed a $100 million deal that allows four more seasons of KUWTK. So, until the deal is over, you might wanna brace yourselves for lots more stories on the world-famous fam.