Swimming: Week 3


This past Thursday your Newman varsity swim team took a trip to Mandeville, Louisiana to compete in the Hoody Hoo invitational. This week we had all swimmers compete and their usual events which made us more comfortable than last week’s meet (where some of us had to participate in events we have never been in before). Although, everything seemed well there was one thing that always bugs a swimmer when competing: the pool was hot. As you dove into the pool it was like jumping into a sauna. It was not the best pool to swim in as swimmers prefer cold pools while racing. The meet started around 4:30 and lasted past 8:00. This was bad news for us Newman kids because we had the 45 minute drive back to Newman, which meant we got home around 9:30ish. Not to mention most of us had papers, tests, and quizzes the next day. Although most of us knew this would happen in the back of our minds, we still performed to the best of our ability to ensure that we beat the opponent and swam our fastest times. After receiving the results we learned that the girl’s team earned 5th place out of twelve teams and the boy’s team was first. So far we have all but two swimmers qualified for the state meet, which is great news for the team. Our next meet is October 13th at St. Martins. We are very proud of our achievements and thankful to those who support us. We also look forward to keep on bringing the W’s