Miss Louisiana 2016


Louisiana Pageant

The stigma surrounding beauty pageantry is often negative and superficial. The three typical categories to compete in during a pageant are talent, interview, and appearance.  A third of the pageant is dedicated to women’s looks and some argue that it’s the only category that matters. The main concern of the judges is a pretty face, which can be demeaning and hurtful to young girl’s growth and self-esteem because it pressures them to look a certain way. It is especially harmful to the young girls that do not win; in fact, critics often think that there shouldn’t even be an appearance category because it gives the impression that girls are only important for their looks.

Other people think pageants are important to the community because they supply needed scholarships. Pageants usually give winners scholarships to college, money, or other awards. This gives girls who can’t afford college the chance to go. In addition, pageants are a fun way for girls and women to show off their unique talents, and it gives girls the opportunity to meet new people and develop relationships. Beauty pageants allow the queen to raise awareness and make a donation to any cause or foundation, and this also allows girls to help the community and charities that are important to them.

The Miss Louisiana pageant happened this June, and the winner was Miss Justine Ker, who is from northern Louisiana and is the first Asian American Miss Louisiana! She has a Bachelor of Arts in neuroscience from Vanderbilt University. She will spend her reign as Miss Louisiana going to Tulane Medical School, preparing for the upcoming pageant, and spending time in the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Her story is an example of how pageantry can be beneficial, especially when awarded to determined and ambitious women. We should all support Miss Ker as she competes for Miss America in Atlanta next September.