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The Seussical Cast List is Out!

Congrats to the middle school for being cast in Seussical! 


Christian H.


Cat in the Hat:

Max J.



Joseph C.



Lucy L.


Sour Kangaroo:

Grace L.


Little Kangaroo:

Lily G.



Izzy F.


Mr. Mayor:

John Blake Z.


Mrs. Mayor:

Audrey G.


The Bird Girls:

Anita G.

Sofia G.

Camille B.

Croix H.


The Wickersham Brothers:

Jack L.

Elias S.

Sam H.

Hunter N.


The People of Who-ville (and other ensemble):

Simms H.

Talia P.

Mia G.

Monika R.

Ashley A.

Alisia H.

Hagan M.

Kate F.

Ella F.

Jack L.

Carter P.

Anna B.

Raif E.

Juju M.


The Jungle Animals (and other ensemble):

Myles B.

Grace H.

Eva B.

Jonathan D.

Emily A.

Carolina F.

Serena K.

Caroline H.

Merilee W.

Ari F.

Hillery W.

Hudson M.

Jacob A.

James G.

Pearce N.

Krish S.


Vlad Vladikoff:

William D.



Sidney L.


Yertle the Turtle:

Sophia L.

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