Global Cultures Club’s First Meeting


For those of you who don’t know about the Global Cultures Club, their mission is to educate and inform the Upper School Community about what makes other cultures similar to ours and also ways in which many different cultures around the world are unique. Two weeks ago, the Global Cultures Club had their first meeting of the 2017-18 school year. To kick off the year, club members enjoyed a sampling of tasty treats from South Korea while watching Buzzfeed videos of people trying snacks from various countries. These snacks came from a company named Snack Crate. Each month, Snack Crate offers a choice of snack filled boxes from two different countries. In the box, along with the snacks, a pamphlet is included which gives a description of each snack and some information about the country. Club members enjoyed trying these different snacks and discussing how they were similar and/or different from many snacks we enjoy in the United States. The Global Cultures Club especially loved the Choco Heim, a crunchy wafer stick filled with chocolate. Next time, the club hopes to have even more members come try these wonderful foreign snacks.