Kendrick Lamar at Voodoo


After attending Voodoo this past weekend, I saw many artists who I had never seen live before. Although all the acts I saw were amazing, my favorite performance was without a doubt Kendrick Lamar on Friday night.

Whenever I see an artist in concert, I really take on a new appreciation for that artist and their work. In this case, prior to Voodoo, I was not Kendrick Lamar’s biggest fan. I enjoyed his hit songs – those frequently played on the radio – but not much else.

After his performance at Voodoo fest, however, I would easily say I am now a much bigger fan of his. The best part of his show was when he closed out with “Humble.” As I had been hearing it non-stop on the radio for months, it was incredible to listen to the song live and watch as he performed it.

Based on his Voodoo performance, I think it would be safe to say that Kendrick is definitely one of my favorite artists in the music industry right now.