The Young Republicans at Their Finest


This year the Young Republicans have a new leader of the club, Edmund Philipson. According to Edmund, the club has big plans for this year. If you are looking to join this group of young politicians, you may want to know what they’re all about. When speaking to Edmund, he described the club as “a group of [politically] interested high schoolers who believe in a more conservative approach to politics.” If you have a more conservative approach to politics, then the Young Republicans might be the place for you. Their goal for this year is to create a place where high schoolers can debate and discuss political events, beliefs, and opinions on circumstances that may have occurred in the news. As a club, they are hoping to have combined meetings with the Young Democrats to have a “friendly debate” about the government today. When asking Edmund about what he would want the school to know about the club, he stated that “we accept everyone at our club meetings to add value to our discussion, so we can all be more informed and hear all sides of the political spectrum.” Overall, the Young Republicans is a club that may have been stigmatized as a group of exclusive conservatives, but they are genuinely open and curious about others opinions and adding new perspectives into their club.