Lately, on social media, you may have seen someone you know to post the hashtag #MeToo. “Me Too” has been repeated millions of times on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This hashtag is posted by women and girls who say they’ve faced sexual harassment and assault. In response to the women coming forward about sexual assault, many women and teenagers have used the hashtag #MeToo as a way to share their own experiences with sexual assault and harassment. Not only to share their experiences but to also make aware of the problem. That women and girls are silenced due to threats, embarrassment, shame, etc., but this campaign is allowing ladies to stand up and make known that we aren’t going to stand for this abuse any longer.  It is a terrifying thing, but sexual assault and sexual harassment are happening all around us, and we as women need to use our voice, and this is what the #MeToo campaign is allowing women to do. So that not only women but anyone that has been sexually abused or assaulted, girl or boy, can have a voice and not be ignored. I think all of us can be more aware of sexual harassment so that we don’t fall victim and so that we protect each other.

Plenty of strong, confident, fit girls equipped with self-defense moves still get targeted, manipulated, or violated, not because they don’t have the strength or ability to fight back but because they are set up.  Boys too have been victims of sexual harassment and abuse and should not feel excluded.  As a school community, we should be committed to ending sexual harassment in all its forms or at least make it known and try to do anything we can to prevent it from happening.