Local Dog Fails to Catch Lizards After Constant Attempts


A local pet remains optimistic despite months of disappointment at never catching backyard lizards he seems so determined on hunting. The three year old Border Collie, Rocky, of the Lake Vista neighborhood, failed once again this Sunday in his effort to acquire the lizards native to the New Orleans area.

Witnesses describe constant sniffing, pawing, and digging around the backyard garden, where small lizards can often be found “doing lizard things,” as one witness put it.

This Sunday marks the 221st consecutive day in which the dog can be seen sniffing around the backyard.

“There’s really nothing unusual about it.” Said the dog’s owner, seventeen year old Tabor Brewster. “I think all dogs do this – you know – digging around and stuff.”

Indeed, many dog owners often share this same experience. In recent years, people around the world have noticed their pets running, barking, panting, and doing many other things characteristic of dogs.

This news comes as reassurance to those who speculated that dogs would no longer do things that dogs normally do.

“Woof,” said the Border Collie in response to the recent findings. “Woof woof.”