The Junior’s New Hallway

The Junior Class recently was prohibited in using the commons as their hallway to decorate during spirit week. This news was met with outrage and backlash.  Due to the fact that the commons has certain structural advantages that making decorating easier. The Junior Class was eagerly awaiting to have this space after two catastrophic decorating attempts: the freshman tar pit disaster and the sophomore sad-looking star wars hallway. This was the year for the class to redeem themselves, and have a somewhat decent hallway. However our PEP representatives were informed that due to the new furniture the Junior Class is unable to use the commons as their decorative space. The administration fear that the new furniture and lighting will be destroyed as the transform the room into a little kid’s birthday party. The Junior Class was instead assigned the Henson Foyer to decorate. One PEP representative, Maddie Goff said, “I was really upset at first because the commons is definitely one of the best places for spirit week but I’m really excited to see what we can do with the foyer and hopefully make it 10 times better than the commons.” Although the foyer it is a lovely space, it is not in the heart of school, instead it is a bit isolated and not somewhere students venture through every day. Now Newman students won’t have the pleasure to admire the decorations in the commons on the way to lunch or on the way to their locker. Another student Anise Haley admitted, “It’s sad because it’s been a tradition for the juniors to have the commons, but our grade can adjust and we still have a chance to win.” Although the Junior Class was disappointed in how little administration trusted them to not destroy furniture, they shall still prevail. With spirit week coming up soon the class of 2020 is determined to make the most of the new space and win the Spirit Stick.