High Performance and Sage

Most people make paninis every Monday and Friday during lunch right? It’s easy, and gumbo and red beans can get repetitive. Well, if you’re in a sport, you’re gonna have to change that. Last week, Coach Brattain, our high-performance coach, announced that he is now working with SAGE, our food service.  Together they have created a logo to go on certain food items on the menu each day to show athletes what they should be eating.  On training days, Coach Brattain recommends eating 1/3 vegetables, 1/3 protein, and 1/3 carbs.  On game days, he recommends 1/4 vegetables, 1/4 protein, and 1/2 carbs.  This whole process is to improve performance. Combining performance training and correct eating is the best way to perform well during games. Sage provides the fuel, but we need the right amount of certain foods to have the best performance.  If an athlete eats a ton of protein, they will have great muscle recovery, but because they did not get enough carbs, they will not have enough energy to finish the game.  This new system that Coach Brattain and Sage are working on will properly fuel athletes and students, and guarantees athletes are getting the correct nutrition for them to perform the best they can. So, instead of going straight to the panini maker, look for the logo to get a more nutritious lunch, and hopefully perform better during games and practice!