Snack Satisfaction Survey

Snack Satisfaction Survey

I polled the student body about their snack experiences. Are they satisfied? What are their favorite and least favorite snacks? What is wrong with the system?

The freshmen seem to favor Cheez-It’s but goldfish and cinnamon toast crunch tie for a close second. Cookie bars do not satisfy the freshmen’s pallets as they were liked the least. The freshmen’s biggest quip with the system is that the line is too long after assemblies and they do not get snack on days that Newman are not serving something they enjoy.

The sophomores enjoy the salty satisfying bites of goldfish the most with it coming in first. Cinnamon toast crunch and Cheez-It’s tie for second. The sophomores concur with the freshmen that cookie bars are not tasty as it was voted the least favorite snack along with Smartfood popcorn. By far, the sophomore’s biggest frustration with the current system is that on days that don’t have something they like, they do not receive snack.

Juniors also favor goldfish over other choices with Cheez-It’s coming in for a close second. Juniors believe that Smartfood popcorn and Sunchips deserve “least favorite snack” title. Juniors agree with the freshmen and sophomores that the most frustrating thing about their snack experience is that they don’t receive snack on days Newman does not provide something they enjoy.

Seniors are split in their favorite snack choices: Smartfood, Chex-Mix, and Goldfish are all tied. Interestingly enough, Chex-Mix and Smartfood popcorn were also voted the least favorite snacks. What seniors can agree on is that when school doesn’t serve something they like, they don’t get to have snack.

These results below combine all grades.

Something to note is that these margins for favorite and least favorite snacks were very slim. This shows the variety that Newman offers and how there is bound to be something that one student enjoys and one person doesn’t enjoy.

Newman students are taught to dream big and when asked what their dream snack would be, many said somewhat unrealistic things like cotton candy and pizza. Others wanted bagels and cream cheese or Doritos.

Ultimately, Newman does a great job to complete the impossible task of satisfying the almost 400 upper-school students.