Sleep Out – So Homeless Youth Won’t Have To!

On November 2nd, A.C.T.I.O.N.S. and the Covenant House are working together to sponsor a Sleep Out for Newman students. Students and faculty are challenged to spend a night sleeping outside on Kolb field, so Homeless Youth don’t have to! The Sleep Out is not about pretending to be homeless. It is an act of solidarity with the 4.2 million young people who are homeless every year.

The Sleep Out will be held following the Fisher Football Game and will feature activities to help students understand the challenges homeless youth face. These activities will include discussion groups, educational simulations, planning how students can help, and watching the movie “Shelter” which follows youth from the Covenant House. Students and faculty are encouraged to sign up here: Sign up to join the Sleep Out!

Students are also encouraged to set a fundraising goal for the Sleep Out to help support the Covenant House and their efforts to end homelessness in New Orleans; however, all students are allowed to join the Sleep Out regardless of their ability to fund-raise. If you can’t join the Sleep Out, consider donating to a friend’s Sleep Out to help support their efforts!

The boxes hung in the Lemle Hallway are those of Sleep Out participants. They will be sleeping on them during the Sleep Out and have decorated them with the names of donors.

Once you have signed up, reach out to Sophia Laundry, Emmy Pilant, Camille Patton or Ms. Causey about more ways to get involved and spread the word!