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Crochet for a Cause Club

Last Tuesday, the Crochet for a Cause club had their first meeting! The purpose of the club is to crochet items, such as hats, scarfs, and blankets, which will be donated to an organization that supports the homeless. While it is possible to make very elaborate items, most people are going to make scarfs, as it is the easiest item to craft. The club, led by Audrey Singer and Claire Morrison, plan to meet every other Tuesday to be able to donate to the homeless. This club is both fun and for a good cause. For the first meeting, everyone focused on learning how to crochet, knit, or decide what they are going to work on for the upcoming meetings. It is not very difficult to crochet, and it is really easy to undo a stitch if you make a mistake. Anyone can join the club, even if they have never done it before because most of the members are also amateurs. All of the materials and supplies are provided, and it is a fun way to hang out with friends and meet new people while contributing to the cause. Everyone is very excited to meet again and work on their projects soon!

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