A Furry Friend

Although many of you have been kept in the dark, there has actually been a cat living in the dark – in one of the closets close to the commons. You read that right, we have had an actual living cat here on Newman’s campus. This answers the question of where the mysterious meowing sounds that would occasionally echo through that hallway came from. Sadly, it was not a Furby. I do love animals, especially cats. However, this cat looks like he knows how to fight dirty, and how they caught him is a mystery. (I will shortly be contacting the administration to get the tape recording; it has to be funny). So, what will happen now? Will someone adopt this cat? The answer: maybe. Newman will try to put the cat up for adoption, but if it is deemed a feral cat, then big adoption agencies like SPCA will not take him.

I just noticed that throughout this article I refer to the cat as a “he,” but that may not be accurate.  Instead I shall choose a gender neutral name to refer to it for the remainder of the article. How about Noel? Well, anyway to sum up: Noel has been living on Newman’s campus, for who knows how long, in the closet near the commons. Noel looks like he could fight dirty. The school would love if Noel could get adopted. However, if Noel is deemed feral and unfriendly, we may be permanently responsible for him.

I believe that with some proper grooming this cat could be our new mascot. Although it is unorthodox, schools, like Tulane, have kept cats on campus to help keep the mice population down.  Although none of these facts were confirmed, and I have no actual information other than rumors and a picture, I believe I have the story straight. Please contact me if you know the truth or want to help.