Peter and the Starcatchers Play Review


On October the 18th, 19th, and 20th starstuff was sprinkled on the Henson Auditorium, and audiences were transported to the high seas and the sandy shores of Mollusk island. A creative adaptation of the best-selling book by Dave Barry Ridley Pearson, Peter and the Starcatchers depicts a love story between an orphan who goes by the name of Peter and his new acquaintance Molly. All students and faculty involved put in many hours preparing for the play on an unusually short schedule, and their efforts were evident in the successful performances. The play focused on the actors, and only minimalist and imaginative props accented the scenes. The versatility of the actors also shown through, as each individual filled the shoes of multiple characters. 14 cast members were able to multiply their stage presence immensely. They even served as crew members when they weren’t acting!

Although all scenes were fantastic, but they’re were a few undoubtedly memorable moments, including humorous exchanges between John French, Tabor Brewster and a shirtless Harry Milvid. Congratulations to everyone involved, including those working backstage!