Voodoo Fest


The Newman Arts Committee has taken on a new goal this year, to share, create, and advertise the arts throughout the year. The arts have been woefully neglected in years past, and the main goal of the two arts committee leaders is to have the arts celebrated at other points in the year, not just during arts week. In response to this goal, the Newman upper school had their first ever Voodoo Fest. The Voodoo Fest was made up of pumpkin decorating, a costume contest, a short spooky show at assembly, and face painting during the actual lunchtime fair. After being harassed to give a quote said, “The purpose of the voodoo fest was to have some holiday fun. We always thought Halloween got brushed over and wanted to spread awareness and appreciate it.”

The arts committee surprised the upper school with a short skit to kick off the Halloween celebrations. In case you missed it, Harry the viceroy for once stood up to Tabor the chancellor of the arts which lead to Tabors immediate death. Then death, played by Mr. Hesse, came to take away Tabor’s body. Just when the audience thought that he would be gone, Tabor returned as a ghost and proceeded to direct the costume contest. John French and Audrey Singer won the student portion of the costume contests as Jake from State Farm and Flo from Progressive. Mr. Harris won the faculty event dressed as Vector from Despicable Me.

The Seniors won the pumpkin decorating contest with a Bob Ross inspired picture and the Juniors got runner up with a ninja turtle pumpkin. The sophomore placed third with a colorful pumpkin and the freshman placed fourth with a candy skull painted on. If you missed these wonderful pumpkins at the fair please go look for them outside the upper school office.

When asked about Voodoo Fest, Chancellor of the Arts Tabor Brewster replied, “A normal arts committee representative would assay that the purpose was to provide a fun, lighthearted way of spreading Halloween spirit at school. But, it was actually a top secret social experiment. Which went perfectly according to plan. On the outside, it may look like the fair was poorly organized and not completely put together, but that was all part of the plan and everyone fell for it so ha! To the student body.”