Veterans Weekend Cookout!

This past saturday,  ACTIONS committee hosted a Veterans Weekend cookout at the Volunteers of America shelter for homeless veterans. 30 highschool students and teachers came together to participate in the cookout. They brought bountiful food, desserts, drinks, and games. Joining with the Veterans, it was an afternoon of games and conversation over burgers and many students learned exciting new things from the Veterans.

While we were there I was speedily bested in chess and then taught several new strategies! I also learned about volcanoes in Yellow Stone National Park from a veteran who was previously a forest ranger. (Did you know that if one volcaneo in Yellow Stone were to erupt is would have a blast force that is three states wide and would cause tremors felt globally? Don’t worry though, it only erupts ever 5000 years and we are on year 500 of that cycle, so we will probably be okay!)

Altogether, it was an exciting and successful event which we hope to continue next year!