The Great British Baking Show


The Great British Baking show began in 2010 and moved to Netflix and PBS in 2014 after four successful seasons in the UK. Unlike American baking competitions, it’s known for camaraderie among the contestants. Each episode follows the bakers over one weekend, during which they create three bakes centered on a theme. The episode themes range from Cake, to Pastry, to Bread, to Victorian or Tudor style bakes. The three challenges are the Signature, Technical, and Showstopper, and the bakers prepare for the Signature and Showstopper, but the technical is a surprise recipe with limited instructions. The technical challenge is a popular favorite (among the people I interviewed) because the judges also complete the bake, showing how it can be done properly. Eliza Nieset said it’s her favorite because its “fun to see which baker figures it out and which doesn’t.” Eliza’s favorite season was Collection 2 on Netflix (Series 4 filmed) because the three finalist Frances, Kimberly, and Ruby were all so skilled. The show combines the heat of competition with the relaxation of baking and the intriguing variety of British accents. It’s a wonderful, stress-reliever that provides an escape from our hectic lives. Everyone who watches The Great British Baking show enjoys themselves, and appreciates the relationships they build with the friendly contestants while enjoying each tart, pudding, and sweet dough.