The Egg

50 million people. That’s larger than the population of Canada. That could fill up 787 Superdome’s. That’s also the number of people who liked The Egg.

If you are not up to date on Instagram, you may be wondering: “What, or who, is The Egg?” The Egg, officially known as world_record_egg, is a picture of an egg that was posted with the sole purpose of getting more likes than the current record holder on Instagram. Kylie Jenner, who posted a picture of her newborn baby, had held the record with 18 million likes.

The Egg, which was posted on January 4, reached its goal of 18 million likes on January 13, 2019. Since then, it has far surpassed its goal and now has 50 million likes. It also received a blue verification check from Instagram. How could this be possible? Well, it was made possible through a combination of the prevalence of ironic humor, the dislike of the Kardashian/Jenner group, and the Internet itself.

The question for The Egg now is: “What’s next?” The account itself has 8.6 million followers, but The Egg must act fast if it wants to keep this attention. On January 18, the account posted another almost identical picture of an egg, but with a tiny crack in it. We’ll  have to wait and see what is inside.

Visit @world_record_egg on Instagram to see for yourself.