The Newman Stock Club

The Most Valuable Club on Campus


With clubs starting up again, it may seem impossible to pick a club that works for you. The stock club created by Luc Prokop may be the choice for you. When asked what the goal of his club was, Luc put it simply: “To talk about and teach basic investment strategies and to talk about the markets and the economy.”

Learning how to trade stocks is an important life skill. Because of this, Luc’s stock club holds major potential. It will give students the ability to analyze the markets and learn about the stock trade. The stock club offers an opportunity to learn how to make smart investments and determine market trends. The club hopes the skills they teach will lead to increased financial literacy and potential dividends on the market.

Luc has had a significant amount of experience with the market and has learned the basic skills of trading that he wants to pass down to other students. The investment club differs from many other clubs because it teaches students a tangible skill that applies to everyday life.

When trying to decide which club to attend during lunch, it may be worth stopping by the investment club to learn the skills it takes to trade in the stock market.