Despite a severe storm watch all of Friday, many people still went to Voodoo to see the headliner of the night, Guns N’ Roses. There may have many puddles and pits of mud, but many festival-goers said it still was worth it. Due to the football game being rescheduled to that Thursday, many football players were also able to go to the Friday of Voodoo.

While Saturday and Sunday did not bring rain, the mud was still there in full force. If you went, hopefully you wore rain boots. If not, you probably ruined a pair or two of shoes. Post Malone’s performance two years ago was largely considered underwhelming but his performance on Sunday night made up for any past disappointment. With music from his new album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, the performance was spectacular both in regards to the music and show design. His performance was many attendees favorite from the weekend. Who was yours?


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