Sophomores Attend Hamlet Performance


Last Friday, the Sophomores attended Tulane’s Shakespeare Festival to watch a performance of Hamlet. Although students had to walk in the rain, it was worth it because the 3-hour play offered them a nice break from classes. For some students who had already read the play in class, the performance was familiar and the students knew exactly what was happening. Other students have not read the play in class yet, and the play served as an introduction to what were they about to read. Many other schools attended the performance and made up a very lively audience that was engaged throughout the play. To everyone’s surprise, the Tulane production had a much more modern feel to it. Rather than wearing clothes from Shakespeare’s time period, the actors were dressed in normal, everyday clothes that we see in our society today. Some people liked this choice, while others would have preferred a more traditional version. Overall, the students enjoyed the play and agreed that watching a live production of one of Shakespeare’s classics was a fun experience.