Hurricane Zeta


Striking the City of New Orleans last Wednesday, Hurricane Zeta had a confounding impact on all of our daily routines. As of Thursday and Friday, Newman Communications had announced that school would remain closed for the remainder of the week. While many students were glad that school remained closed for the majority of last week, many lost power and internet services because of the storm. However, as the weekend rolled in, students had a joyful time with Halloween and incredible weather, while others waited in the dark and cold for their power to be restored.

As of Monday, many students had not completed their assigned work due to the lack of internet services and power. While most of the student body had regained power by Monday, some extended into Tuesday and Wednesday. One student reported, “I had lost power on Wednesday 30 minutes after the storm hit, and got it back on Saturday afternoon.” While he did spend countless hours watching movies on his phone, he found it quite difficult to make up the work he was unable to do.

With the power out and countless hours to waste, several students were able to bond with their families, playing board games such as Monopoly, or just chatting.

Though the hurricane only lasted for a few hours, it was a powerful interruption in our lives. While many found their weekend incredibly boring and the week following difficult, Zeta served as a reminder to all of the city that even a small hurricane can have a significant impact.