The Mandalorian is Back!


The second season of the Mandalorian dropped on Disney+ starting October 30th with new episodes dropping every Friday; since the release, four episodes have been available for streaming. I—an avid Star Wars fan—made sure to watch every single one. Without further ado, let me break it down.

***Mild spoilers ahead***

Where did season one leave off?: Season one of the Mandalorian left viewers with a massive cliff hanger. During the western-ish standoff and fight between the Mandalorian’s team (Geff Karga, IG-11, Cara Dune, and the Child) and the Empire goonies (Moff Gideon and his TIE fighter team), the Armorer (the guardian of the Mandalorian) sacrifices herself, she tasks the Mandalorian with finding the origins of the Child (aka Baby Yoda) and that the Mandalorian return him with his kind. After the massive fight, Moff Gideon secretly survives the attack and escapes his destroyed fighter with the darksaber.

What is the darksaber and why is it such a cliffhanger?: Similar to the Jedis, the Mandalorians have their own kind of lightsaber, which is called the darksaber. The darksaber is a symbol of elite leadership within the Mandalorian order. Since Moff Gideon owns such a powerful weapon, it makes us question why he owns this weapon. Was he an ex-Mandalorian who left the order? Did he kill a Mandalorian, and he kept the weapon as a souvenir (General Grievous-style)?
***I have so many questions!!***

How’s season two going?: Well, season two is very different than season one in many ways. Season one had a more linear storyline. On the other hand, season two has a disjointed storyline with each different episode veering off the season’s storyline of reuniting the Child with the Jedi. So far it has been revealed the Mandalorian is part of the zealot-sect of the order who follow the Mandalorian code in a stringent fashion, Ashoka Tano (Anakin Skywalker’s padawan from the Clone Wars) is alive, and the Empire is experimenting with midichlorians (the substance in the body that the Force manipulates). Unfortunately, these plot reveals have no method of helping the viewers understand how they connect with each other. Hopefully, in the next few episodes our heroes will be back on track on their main quest of reuniting Baby Yoda with the last surviving Jedis.

Until next time, we can only guess what this new season has in store for our heroes.