Trump’s Second Impeachment: Making History


Only hours after the raid on the United States Capitol, the House of Representatives votes to impeach President Trump.

As a result of last week’s Capitol Building riot, President Trump has been formally impeached by the House of Representatives on charges of instigating the riot. While the Senate has not had a formal hearing regarding the impeachment, an investigation has been launched with the aim of locating those who participated in the riot.

President Trump’s impeachment trial is being seen in different ways, with some sources defending the President’s actions and some opposing them. For example, the New York Times published, “In a Capitol bristling with heavily armed soldiers and newly installed metal detectors, with the physical wreckage of last week’s siege cleaned up but the emotional and political wreckage still on display, the president of the United States was impeached for trying to topple American democracy.” Another example, the Wall Street Journal, stated “Mr. Trump was denied a key communication platform on Friday, as Twitter Inc. said it was permanently suspending his account, citing the risk of further incitement of violence after the attack on the Capitol.”

Past presidents such as Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton have both been impeached, but from a historical standpoint, no President has ever been impeached more than once. However, President Trump has made history, becoming the first president to be impeached twice.