Alisia’s Recommendation Corner


Documentaries –

Apple TV (and maybe others) – Exit Through The Gift Shop – A Banksy film. If you are interested in the art of street art and abstract art, I 10000% recommend this! It’s an amazing film and probably one of my favorites as of right now!
Netflix – Fantastic Fungi
A great documentary on the many cool things mushrooms can do!
Netflix – Our Planet and Night on Earth
Great documentaries on the Earth’s beautiful animals.

Podcast (on any podcast platform) –

“Truer Crime” by Celisia Stanton
– Ep. 03: Jonestown (not fully a mystery but a very interesting yet heartbreaking podcast on what happened at Jonestown.
“You’re Wrong About”
– Tonya Harding (It’s a personal favorite)
*please don’t watch if you might be disturbed by the domestic and media abuse Tonya survived*

Museums –

– Dawn Dedeaux’s exhibit is open through January! It is a beautiful exhibit from a New Orleans artist about her experiences with Katrina, and her views on the world and its events.
– While you’re at NOMA, you should also check out other floors and galleries. My personal favorite from when I went was the abstract, modern art on the second floor and the classic, “history textbook style” art (Marie Antoinette, other Kings and Queens) also on the second floor! I highly recommend checking out ALL of the floors at NOMA, open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm.

Shows –

Netflix – Unsolved Mysteries
– I personally have seen more than half of them and they’re quite interesting! My personal favorite would be “Washington Insider Murder”, “A Murder in Oslo,” or “Death Row Fugitive”
**Since this is a true crime and mysteries show, they talk about murder, there is blood, show pictures of the crime scene, show evidence, and other things which some people might find disturbing. It describes murders in full detail. It does talk about S.A. and other things which some might find triggering. It will be uncomfortable watching parts these episodes (for most people). Please don’t watch any if you feel like you might be upset by it. You could also email me ([email protected]) about an episode you want to watch and any concerns about it, and I’ll let you know if it’s a good fit for you or not!**