Return of The Dress Code

Student Opinions


The dress code is back! 

Since 2019, this is the first year without covid restrictions, and so all the normal procedures have returned. Before, the dress code was there but never enforced. Kids were never punished for wearing athletic wear or t-shirts. 

Now, the dress code is in full swing, creating a lot of buzz. No more athletic wear, t-shirts, flip flops, shoulders, or crocks on leisure mode 🙁 

People have expressed a range of opinions and emotions about the return to the dress code. Some people extremely dislike it, while others seem to not care.

While talking to my fellow classmates, I asked them their opinions on the dress code and so I present them now. I tried to ask a range of grades in hope that there would be various thoughts on the subject. It’s safe to say that people expressed many emotions. 

The ones who don’t mind it: 

“The dress code is literally so fine and easy. I just throw on a polo and some khaki shorts and call it a day.” Landon (12th)

“I don’t have an issue with it…what was it before?” Ian (9th) 

“I think it’s honestly fine” Isabelle (10th) 

“It’s pretty fair but I would like to dress down more” Markie (9th) 

“I don’t mind the dress code because it could be a lot worse” Caitlin (12th) 


The ones who are not in favor/ want some adjustments: 

“I do not own the dress code items. I have worn the dress code fewer days than normal clothes.” Anonymous (12th) 

“We should be able to wear leggings in the winter”  Anonymous (12th)

“I wish we could wear athletic shorts” Anonymous (10th) 

“I think that it’s unfair for girls. Boys have it so much easier. It’s just irritating we have to dress cute because I don’t have cute clothes” Anonymous (11th) 

“A T-shirt can look presentable, I don’t want to look like a pretentious douche-bag every day” Anonymous (11th) 


The ones who like it: 

“I like that everyone looks nice this year.” Kelsey (12th)

“Really lenient compared to my old school.” Jack (10th) 


My takeaway from this experience is that people either don’t care or strongly disagree with the dress code. For the dislike column of my quotes, I made everyone anonymous because I do not wish to get anyone in trouble. As well, I found most people were scared to talk about their true opinions unless I told them I would make it anonymous. I did find that gender and age also seemed to have some influence. I included grade levels because of the correlation it has with options. I found that the upperclassmen disliked the dress code more, maybe because they were used to past years when it basically did not exist. 

Overall, I think the talk and buzz of the reinforced dress code have calmed down. As the school year has progressed, people are complaining less and normalizing the code once again. In my opinion, I think that people will forever have complaints about the dress code, but that is the case with anything.