Varsity Volleyball Takes on Ben Franklin!


On September 20th, Volleyball took on Ben Franklin in their first rival match of the year. All three teams faced the No. 6 ranked school and, after a loss from the Freshmen and a win from JV, Varsity took the court. Both teams lined up along the back line as the rosters were read out and the starters assumed their positions on the court. Newman came out swinging with a win in the first set; however, the 13-1 Greenies faltered as they lost in the second set. Undeterred, the greenies returned for the third set with enthusiasm and secured wins in the third and fourth sets, meaning an overall win for Newman. The final point was scored by senior Jessica Miller in a dump over the net. Newman players and parents alike poured out onto the court to celebrate the one against one of volleyball’s biggest rivals. 

The match was broadcasted by VSN who listed impressive stats for both teams, citing the impressive performances from sophomores Annika Roberson and Corie Staes for Ben Franklin. For Newman, freshmen Jesse Lambert and Caroline Beahm’s performances were singled out, along with the 16 kills from senior Za Nelson. The Greenies have enjoyed a great season so far this year and now have an impressive record of 26-1.