Stair Master 1903


   As Newman’s campus expands and connects, pathways and connects emerge helping to transport students from class to class. But the pathway that is the absolute menace to society are the staircases. Therefore, here are Newman’s staircases ranked easiest to hardest to climb. Hopefully, this list does not expose my (un)athleticness. 


Connecting the administration building to the history/math halls, the Jefferson-Saratoga Stairway is a favorite. With cushy green carpeting and a shallow incline, there is a sense of ease in climbing these stairs compared with other ones present on campus. With its close proximity to the administration building, few students opt to climb these stairs often allowing us to avoid the hustle and bustle of class change traffic. Even if it is a long way, I will climb these stairs in order to head to my history or math class as it saves me the embarrassment of running out of breath at the top. 


Connecting core Upper School departments of math, English, and languages—the Lemle-Saratoga staircase is unavoidable. Unfortunately, this staircase is jammed back during class change. Exiting class leads to a traffic jam often in cries of “excuse me”, “so sorry”, and “oh my god.” The climb to the second floor is one of ease, but hitting the third floor is a bit of a workout if you are rushing to class. Overall, not a bad for staircase, it does help me close my Fitness ring on my smart watch.  


Jolly Staircase 

If a menace could be a staircase, the Jolly staircase would be it. As a junior heading to my AP Chemistry class, I dreaded climbing this staircase. Once I got to the top, I was so out of breath that in order to save me embarrassment I would drink water to avoid conversation. The steepness of the staircase is an enemy of students leading students to dread hiking up the staircase. On a positive note, the view of downtown New Orleans makes the trip up to the third floor of Jolly surely worth it.