Have They Found The Zodiac Killer?

Have They Found The Zodiac Killer?

Have they found the Zodiac Killer?

The Zodiac Killer was an active serial killer in California in the 1960s and 70s. He was never caught and has become one of America’s most known and obsessed-over unsolved mysteries. He would send taunting messages to the San Francisco police department, and ridiculed them for never finding out who he was. 

A group of case breakers – 40 retired police investigators – claim to have found the killer earlier in 2022. 

Gary Francis Poste, a retired air force serviceman who died in 2018, is the main suspect. The case breakers suspect him because he had a violent history: his daughter-in-law moved away from California to get away from him and a male relative called the police saying that Poste was the Zodiac Killer. In 2018, Poste had pushed his wife into a wall and broke her hip in 4 places. His violence is the biggest supporting theory behind why he might be the killer. 

Additionally, he had a posse: a posse he trained (unknown for what) and they were called “killing machines” and they killed animals for pleasure. 

Something that I know little about, but is still a valid sign that he was the killer, was that there were photos found in Poste’s red room that somehow matches something of the Zodiac Killer’s. Again, I know little about this match, so I cannot go into full detail. 

Poste’s forehead scar matches the Zodiac Killer’s – which is a huge sign. 

The FBI refuses to call the case solved because Poste is dead and there is no way to 100% confirm that he was the killer; the case will remain unsolved forever unless the killer is still out there and will turn himself in. 


Below is a link to the True Crime and Mysteries Club Google Slides presentation on the killer + all of the sources I’ve used for research.


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