Commons Meets Chess


On an average day, one may hear sounds coming from the commons. However, these sounds may not be what one would expect. Instead of loud and rambunctious noise, classic music and chess are common occurrences. 

The commons is an area for students to hang out whether during a free, lunch, before/after school, or between classes. The commons is supposed to be available to all upper school students, but everyone knows it’s a senior space. One may find kids spending their time in the commons doing work, talking to friends, or sleeping. Unlike the library, you don’t necessarily have to be quiet or do homework. 

Recently, a new development can be seen in the commons regularly: chess. Students, mainly guys, have become obsessed with playing chess. During frees, students will play classical music for most of the game and then put on intense battle music for the end. Beethoven to the Batman soundtrack can be heard throughout the commons on speakers to support the plays. Everyone in the commons gets very hype if the game is close toward the end. 

Where did this trend originate? I personally don’t know for sure. Apparently, the story goes that a chess/checkerboard just appeared one day in the commons. No one knows who owns it or how it ended up in the commons. But nevertheless, this board has left a major impact on the students. 

In my opinion, I like this trend because I think chess is a nice way to relieve stress besides a phone. This trend in chess playing also proves that our generation cares more for activities than just electronics, counter to what adults like to think. Time will tell whether chess will continue to be played or not.