WORDLE in the Newman Community

WORDLE in the Newman Community

Wordle–a game originally created by James Wardle and since adopted by the NYT–is a game on the New York Times website that quickly gained popularity early in 2022. You get 6 tries to figure out a 5 letter word, with a few hints: gray means the letter is not in the word, yellow means it’s in the word but you have it in the wrong place and green means you have the letter in the right place. Newman was a hotspot for wordle fun, and one could hear “time to do the wordle!” or “don’t spoil the wordle for me” around the halls. 

However, one day I stopped hearing constant chatter about wordle! I was wondering if I was one of the only people on campus that was very loyal to the word game, or if there were still people playing, just not discussing it. I decided to send out a survey to high school students and faculty and received 111 responses [thank you all!]. 

Out of 111 responses, 16 responders still do the wordle every day [awesome]! 49 occasionally do the wordle, but not daily [understandable]. 39 responders don’t do the wordle at all, and 7 responders didn’t know what wordle was. 

Out of the responders, 28 faculty answered, 27 freshmen, 22 seniors, 19 sophomores, and 15 juniors. Yay faculty!

Now for a big reveal… The big question… The question that keeps you up at night… What word do you start your wordle with???2?222???22??

14/111 people start with ADIEU: goodbye. Quite a popular word! It gets almost all of your vowels in, but no constants which can be a little tricky.

Tied in second place, we have not choosing the same word every day [6/111]. I’m personally very committed to YEARN [intense longing for something], but I admire your creativity and knowing a large variety of 5-lettered words. 

In third place we have IRATE: feeling or characterized by great anger. 

If you are a daily wordle user, someone who has never heard of it, or anyone in between – I hope that this article gives you a slight insight into your fellow Newman wordle community.  ADIEU!