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Ask Ms. Livaudais – Fall Edition

Read Upper School Administrative Assistant Ms. Livaudais’ responses to anonymous questions asked by Upper School students!

What is the most common excuse for a tardy/absence?
Traffic, and some kids walk, Dog poop, or Garbage truck.

If you could be any other faculty member for a day who would it be?
I would be a Green Trees Teacher.

What motivates you?
The kids. Find a job that you genuinely love to go to.

What is your favorite lunch the dining hall offers?

What is your favorite thing to do at Disney World?
It’s a Small World.

How do I grow up and be like you?
Learn how to listen to people.

What’s your favorite season?

How do you be kind to people you don’t like?
There’s never an excuse to be unkind EVER! It takes zero effort to be kind to someone. Keep on keeping on. It’s going to keep on happening, but no one should know that you don’t like them. Don’t let people walk all over you, but learn how to handle it before it gets out of control.

What do you do if a person you don’t like always sits at your lunch table?
You can’t be unkind. Short term. Don’t be outright mean and don’t just get up and leave. Be specific with the situation and explain the reason why you don’t like them and don’t like sitting with them. If they are downright mean, just leave.

How do you maintain excellence in the face of adversity?
“Excellence” is a loaded term. It is highly based on presence (showing up). Kids see and appreciate people showing up. I thoroughly enjoy watching kids doing their thing, sports, arts, it doesn’t matter.

How to be awesome?
Only you can be the judge of how awesome you can be. Choose to be awesome or not awesome, but you should always be nice.

How do you take on life?
Just go. Every day is going to be different, but it is your choice to be happy or crappy about the day. Somedays might be bad or rainy, but it doesn’t matter. Choose happiness.

How to deal with mixed signals?
Be confident to have a conversation. Honestly, just ask straight up. It is going to be hard, and it is easier said than done.

What should I do? This boy asked me to buy him a sweatshirt but I couldn’t get one too. I took it as he was trying to use me! Was I wrong?
No you were not wrong. He was 100% using you. He can buy his own sweatshirt.

How do I get to be more confident?
Honestly, start by faking it ‘till you make it. Constantly put yourself in a situation where you can make your own happiness. It’s how you choose to get up in the morning. Confidence doesn’t even mean being loud, just sure of yourself. Not every day is gonna be a confident day.

Why does Newman not have a homecoming dance?
No student participation. The events are student-driven. It used to be that no one showed up. Advocate for yourself if you want a Homecoming dance, but talk to Mrs. McCormick. Kids need to ask for themselves, but you can still vent and ask for advice. Actually talk to an administrator.

What do you do if your teacher is grading unfairly?
That is a conversation you need to have with an administrator. Talk to your advisor first, that is one of the reasons they are there.

Should I take the SAT or ACT?
That is a conversation you should have with your college counselor. They assign a counselor for you, and sophomore year, you take both the PSAT and PACT. Your counselors will assign the standardized test they think you did better on.

Do you think Marketing would be a great college major?
Anything you are interested in is going to be a good choice. Only you can make that choice.

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