10 Helpful Tips for a Successful Audition

It would be nice if actors could just pick the role they wanted to play, but unfortunately that is not the case. First, they have to audition. An audition can be a challenging and nerve-wracking process, so here are a few tips to help you get through it!

  1. Pick the right monologue.

When you’re looking for a monologue, choose one that fits you. Your monologue needs to be believable, and you need to feel comfortable saying it. Also, when you’re looking through a play, you can edit a monologue – for example, if there are lines that don’t make sense outside of the play, or that make you uncomfortable, just take them out. This monologue is yours, so you get to decide how you’re going to play it.

  1. Don’t just read the monologue, read the play.

This is probably the most tedious part of the preparation process, but it is also very important. Reading the play will give your character more layers. There may be some trauma that they went through earlier in the play, or they might say a phrase that echoes another moment in the play. Also, you should think about what happens right before you start your monologue. How does your character feel about it? How does their reaction lead into the monologue?

  1. Find a point in space to look at while giving your monologue.

This point represents a person or thing you are talking to. During your monologue, you can look away from the point for emphasis, or you can look at it in different ways to show that your emotions are changing. Also, this way you aren’t just glancing around the room, trying to avoid eye contact.

  1. Don’t over practice your monologue.

You’ve been practicing all week, and it’s 11:30pm – eight-and-a-half hours before your audition! You’re completely memorized, and you’ve gone over everything. But you should probably go over it one last time – just in case, right? No. If you practice the monologue too much, you will lose the magic of spontaneity, and you’ll end up reciting your monologue instead of performing it.

  1. Make sure you have enough energy.

Sleep. Wash your face when you wake up. Eat a good breakfast. Take a morning snack and a bottle of water. Just take care of yourself. And please, because this is so very, very important – sleep.

  1. Remember – the monologue isn’t the only part of your audition.

You’re auditioning from the moment you walk in the door. How you interact with people, how you present yourself – it’s all part of the audition. Now, if you’re auditioning for a reality show, go ahead and act crazy! They will love it and you’ll be cast immediately. But otherwise, just be conscious of your actions.

  1. Take your time.

When the person in charge of the audition tells you, “Whenever you’re ready,” that gives you the moment to collect your thoughts, find your point in space, and take a breath to calm down. It’s your time to use, but keep it brief. If you wait too long, you’ll get inside your head.

  1. Follow your instincts.

If a completely crazy idea comes into your head during an audition, even if for a second, follow through with it. If your instinct when you get mad is to kick over a chair, do it. That’s how Josh Holloway got the role of Sawyer on Lost. Sometimes, especially with comedy, an instinct during an audition can be even funnier than a rehearsed line or movement. So trust yourself.

  1. Have fun.

If you’re having fun during an audition, it makes it so much easier. Usually this happens during the middle of a comedic monologue, when you’ve already had a couple of laughs, and you know the big punchline is coming. Or during a dramatic monologue, it happens near the end, when you get caught up in the raw emotion and just let it out. It’s hard to do this when you’re in an unfamiliar room or setting, but when you feel it – it’s amazing.

  1. Remember the big picture.

This is one audition. There will be other auditions, other roles, and other opportunities. If you get it, congratulations! If you don’t get it…well, I wish there was something inspirational I could say, but what really helps me is chocolate, music, and friends.


An audition can be tough, but you can get through it. Have confidence in yourself, and be proud of your talents. Remember, you’re auditioning, which is brave – and that makes you an awesome person. So stop reading this article and go rock your audition like the brave, awesome person you are.


Image Source: Anna November