5 Days Gets Hard: A message from the Projectors


Due to Labor Day, the rain cancellation, and the Jewish Holidays, this past week was the first 5 day schedule we have had in a long time. Neither the students nor the projectors were prepared.

(Week 1):

I haven’t seen students in three months. I feared they had forgotten me. But on a Thursday, students finally filled the classrooms and the teachers had a purpose to use me. Sadly, I was left alone again two days later.

(Weeks 2 and 3):
Although I was happy the summer was over, the next 10 days dragged on forever. Monotonous projections of tedious homework assignments and videos students fell asleep watching gave me no relief.

(Week 4):

Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to have a break. Labor Day and then the hurricane (that didn’t happen) gave me time for some much needed rest and relaxation. I feel so refreshed; I haven’t slept this long since July.

(Week 5):

Another Monday off! So nice to have a break after my 3 day week to ease me into my 4 day week.

(Week 6):

That one Wednesday for Yom Kippur was not long enough. Not sure how I’m going to survive, even when I only have to work in two day increments.

(Week 7):

I wasn’t ready for five oppressive days of constant work. I’m already flickering by lunch. I can hear the students around me praying for 3:10 to arrive while they watch nothing on my screen. I have faith another hurricane will throw off the schedule.

Doc told me he thinks “3 days gets hard.” Truer words have never been spoken. As the students and I mentally prepare for this week, we’ll be counting down the days until Thanksgiving.

Pep week coming up could be fun, but exhausting. When your teacher starts to use the projectors, remember I have feelings and I’m just as tired as you.


The Projectors