Frigid Cold


Throughout the construction of the New Science Building, the Newman Cross Country team has been disenfranchised. Every day upon finishing practice for the past two seasons, the Cross Country team has walked through mud, turf, and their own blood, to the constantly changing ice bath location outside the Tuohy Gym. Sometimes the searches for their large black tub are unsuccessful and the runners’ legs are not allowed the period of recovery which they so longingly desire. Other days, the runners must make a dangerous trek through a construction site and submerge themselves in ankle deep mud. These efforts are only to reach a cold destination which becomes murkier by the minute on account of their filthy legs. While the runners are in the ice bath, screeches of pain can be heard for miles and even the toughest of athletes are not immune to the pain brought on by the frigid temperatures. Upon exiting the ice bath, runners can be seen limping over towards the doors of the Tuohy Gym and collapsing on the ground in search of their shoes.