Get to Know the Cast

Week One

The Fall Play: Noises OFF
This year the upper school play is Noises Off. This is a very funny but difficult piece. It is a play within a play that is falling to shambles because of the actors’ off stage drama. Although there are only 9 characters, there are many other members of the play, including: 2 stage managers, 2 prop masters, 1 costumer and 1 film maker. The cast is an outgoing bunch that are dedicated to making this year’s play the best yet!

Now let’s get to know some new members: Sofia Gershanik, a freshman, and Aubrey Whitaker, a sophomore. Sofia is one of our stage managers, however, she has had experience acting in middle school plays. She had this to say about the cast: “The cast and crew of Noises Off has really created an inclusive and inviting atmosphere to everyone in it. I really love every single member of the play from their incredible personalities to everyone’s unique abilities and talents, and getting to know everyone in the cast has been a really cool experience!” She has been crushing it as a stage manager and is truly one of the sweetest members of the cast. For those of you who don’t know what a stage manager is, they are on book, behind the scenes, and help the production run smoothly.

Additionally, Aubrey a new junior had a few words about the production: “I auditioned because I live for theatre and I thought it would be a great way for me to make new friends at school. The best part is definitely the family atmosphere. Everybody is so supporting and we all love each other so much.” She has been a lively new member that always brings jokes and funny Tik Toks to practice. Aubrey is one of the few cast members that is part of the swim team and the play. This is very difficult but Aubrey handles it with ease. She is playing an older women named Dotty, who in the play within the play acts as  Mrs. Clackett with a cockney accent.

Come out to see the play October 10-12 and read next week’s article to meet the other members!