The New MSY


After a few years of construction, the new Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport finally opened up on November 6th. While the old terminal had only a small selection of restaurants and shops, the new terminal has a wide variety of many popular places such as City Greens, Shake Shack, Chick-fil-A, Emeril’s Table, MoPho, Midway Pizza, and much more.

There is not a set date yet, but soon the MSY Guest Pass program will begin. This will allow people without flight tickets to go through security and have access to the restaurants and shops.

While the airport is a major improvement from the old one in architecture and vendors, it has been described as “a Mercedes with flat tires.” Some days, the security lines have been absurdly long, and there are also concerns with controlling the new flow of traffic. It may take a little longer for the airport to be in full force, but it’s getting there.