A New Schedule for the COVID Era

This year, Newman has a new schedule to keep contact from Covid-19 to a minimum, but many students have strong opinions about the longer classes and the added PE block. The PE blocks were initially added so that students can get a moment of fresh air from being cooped up in the classrooms. While it seems distressing to have a block for PE, keep in mind that it only lasts 45 minutes and that PE is a way for people to meet other coaches and students, improve their strength, and prepare for their sports. Some students enjoy working out with our coaches and will have the option to continue PE in the future.

The other big change is the 90-minute classes that occur every other day instead of the 45-minute classes every day. Students agree that the 90-minute classes are too long and their attention is not as sharp as it could be. Some teachers let their students outside for a moment to stretch their legs and take a quick learning pause, or others even give “mask breaks” to drink water during their classes. On the other hand, other students enjoy the longer blocks because it gives them more time to review and learn the material and they have an extra day to work on homework. The study halls are longer too, which gives students with extra-curricular activities or sports more time to do homework. One more addition to the new schedule is the lunch period, where students eat with their advisories instead of in the lunch hall. This is essential to reduce contact and enforce social distancing guidelines, but we can’t eat with our friends from different advisories, so going outside is the only way to see them. These rules are all in place to keep everyone safe and healthy, so stay safe and make good decisions to return to a normal schedule.