Who really won the 2020 hallway decorations?


Spirit Week has come to end, and many students were left with their own opinions on the annual spirit week decorations. Let’s start with the seniors, who had Los Angeles, California. There were many balloons, streamers, and lights to add some flair to the Senior Patio. The star of the show was a large stage with Harry Styles, a life-size Oscar, and fancy tables and chairs to eat at. The seniors did an excellent job making their section look festive! Next up is the juniors, who had Nashville, Tennessee. The junior foyer opened with swinging doors and followed a red carpet past cow print-ballons, a huge rocking horse, and a Nashville sign hanging over a stage. The juniors definitely made their area look fun and had some strong spirit! While the sophomores had a rough time decorating their hall last year, they stepped up and made New York City, New York look as bright and jaunty as they could. Starting with the iconic Gossip Girl references, the hotdog and pretzel stand, and the large cardboard replica of the Empire State Building, the sophomores had some great ideas. The music and lights were a neat touch too! Finally, the freshmen had Las Vegas, Nevada. Although this was their first time decorating a hallway, the freshmen had some great ideas. There were cards and poker chips all over the wall, two large cutouts of the mock Eiffel Tower and the raiders logo, and a welcome to Las Vegas sign. The streamers, lights, and poker table also added some extra fun, and overall, everything looks really great together. Since this year has been very bleary and boring, these decorations really helped with better spirits. Congratulations to the juniors how won the Spirit Stick!