Fashionable Fall


As many of you may know it, it is FALL!  That means it is time for thin sweaters , jeans, leather, hats,  boots, and scarves! Aside from the clothes, the season also brings along new colors such as nudes, browns, greens, and burnt oranges. Fall and fashion go hand and hand to me because it’s not too hot where you barely want to wear anything, and it’s not too cold to where you want to cover up as much as possible, making fall the perfect time to show off your fashion skills. Layering is also a major part of fashion, and fall weather allows you room to experiment. Many stores are having end of summer sales to allow for their new fall/winter collections to fill their stores. This means that you can also go and shop at your favorite stores and find amazing summer clothes on sale. This is also another fabulous part about fall because you can shop for all of your summer clothes for the next year during fall while also saving and serving fall looks! Fall is also a fun time to try new nail polish colors. Different shades of  browns, greens, and nudes tend to look really good with all shades of skin tones. So, next trip you make to the nail shop and the nail tech tells you to “pick your color!” keep some of my advice  in mind :).

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Here  are some fall looks both guys and girls can give a try during the season:

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