DIY: How to Distress Your Jeans

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What You Will Need:

-a  pair of denim jeans or shorts

-sharp scissors


-chalk or fabric  pencil


1.Put your jeans or shorts on and mark where you would like for the holes to be. Make the marks with your chalk/ fabric pencil.  Make the marks wherever you would like, but try to avoid anything too crotch-y.

2.After you have marked the spots, take the jeans off and cut horizontal slits on the marks with scissors. Keep in mind, the wider you make the slits, the bigger the holes.

3.You will see some pieces of white thread after you have cut your jeans. Pull on these white threads.  You can use your tweezers if the threads are too small for you to grab.

4.If you would like larger gaps, you can remove the white thread altogether.

*Leaving  some of the white thread could leave a cool look!*

5.If you want another look, use the tweezers to take out the vertical blue threads.

6.Lastly, once you are done, put your jeans in the washer and dryer. When they are done, the distressing will look natural.

7. OH WAIT! Don’t forget to SLAY whenever you wear your newly distressed jeans :)!



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