Freshmen’s ADL Workshop


Last Wednesday, the freshmen participated in the Anti-Defamation League’s World of Difference program while the sophomores and juniors took the PSAT. The Class of 2022 has been engaging in this program throughout middle school, focusing last year on cyber-bullying. The World of Difference program concentrates on anti-bias training and creating respectful young adults. This year, the workshop revolved around strength in diversity, identity, and conflict.

The freshmen were split up into groups to go through thoughtful activities that drew up critical questions. In one activity, students were asked to write what they perceived diversity as. Students then discussed and ventured into the idea of diversity as a strength. In another activity, the freshmen listed things that shape who they are to explore the similarities and differences of their identities. In the main activity, named “Here I Stand,” markers were lined up the length of the classroom. They said “disagree,” “strongly disagree,” “agree,” and “strongly agree.” Widely disputed topics were given to the freshmen, and they moved to each marker that represented their ideas on the topics. Students had the opportunity to share their opinions and views in an environment that fostered healthy debate and discussion. The session concluded in a conversation stating that conflict is sometimes necessary for compromise, to understand all perspectives, and for progress.

When asked what they thought of Wednesday’s program, one freshmen replied, “It was my favorite one. The topics that we covered were really deep, but they needed to be talked about.”