Women’s Basketball Senior Night!


The women’s basketball team has had a strong season so far this year! Over the past couple of weeks they have faced many formidable rivals and have done quite well. Playing against Northlake Christian (currently ranked as the top team in the district), the team was able to score 16 points in the first half. This score shows a vast improvement from the team’s playoff game with Northlake Christain last year, in which the team went into halftime with only one point on the board. In the second half, Newman battled hard holding the second half’s point differential to only one point. This was an extremely competitive game for Newman, and one the team is very proud of. Newman also had an extremely strong game against Saint Katherine Drexel Prep (currently ranked third). Playing in the Palestra, Newman was able to gain and hold a lead for the first three quarters. This success is unprecedented for the Greenies who had never before been able to lead against Saint Katherine Drexel Prep. These two games display the fight and drive of the team which will hopefully bring them success in the playoffs which start next week.

The women’s basketball team has also had two major wins in the Palestra recently. Last Friday evening, the team honored their eleven senior managers and players. With a large crowd the Greenies played well against Sacred Heart and were able to beat them 46-11. Shoshana Cohen led the team with five blocks, and Bailey Nelson sunk three 3 pt. shots. Claire Morrison also made a 3 pt. shot!

It was a lively and fun game for both the team and the crowd. This Monday, the basketball team also faced an important district opponent, Saint Plaquemines High School. The team was able to pull ahead in the second half and win the game with a seven point lead. This win was important for power points and going into the playoffs with a strong ranking. This Friday, Newman will be playing an away against Covenant Christian High School before starting their playoff run next week! Stay tuned for more details and news about the playoffs!