March Madness


If you somehow didn’t already know, it is March Madness.  March Madness is a term used for NCAA basketball tournaments held in March, and the Madness refers to upsets in the tournament.  So far, there have been many upsets.  Some of the biggest include Liberty (12) over Mississippi State (5), Murray State (12) over Marquette (5), Oregon (12) over Wisconsin (5), and UC Irvine (13) over Kansas State (4).  Many fans decide to bet on brackets, which is where they try to predict how the playoffs will go and who will win the entire tournament. Most people picked Duke or UNC to win it all. Surprisingly, Duke (1) lost to Michigan State (2) in one of the biggest games of the tournament.  Virginia redeemed themselves after having one of the worst upsets in NCAA history last year by making it to the Final Four this year.  Out of all the teams in the Final Four, Auburn (5) is the lowest seed to make it by upsetting UNC and Kentucky, two historic basketball programs. On the other side, Texas Tech upset the number one seed Gonzaga. The ACTIONS committee is also including the school in this, where individuals or advisories can make a bracket and compete against others in the school. The NCAA tournament ends April 8th, so make sure to keep up with your advisory’s bracket if you made one.